‘Yamini is to storytelling as apple is to pie.’
Peter Baines OAM, Founder, Hands Across Water

Do you know someone who:

Connects easily and quickly with people?
Charms everyone with their anecdotes?
Shines at dinner parties with funny stories?
Builds instant rapport with clients?
Can make an effortless, funny wedding speech?
This person is a storyteller – they are the light of the party wherever they go. And not just at parties, but everywhere.

Good storytelling helps you connect, engage and inspire, and an authentic, well-told story will always wow.

Let me show you how to make storytelling your new superpower.

This book is for everyone – yes I am on a quest to make everyone in the world a better storyteller. It is the perfect gift for someone you love.


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Business storytelling is the new superpower of the 21st century. It is the fuel that drives compelling results. The authentic, well-told story will always wow and you can learn how. Whatever it is you are trying to do in business, whether you are leading people, managing change, influencing the board or building your career — storytelling will help you… that’s a guarantee.

Discover stories from leaders like you, who have applied these simple steps and achieved career-defining business results. Storytelling is not a natural gift, but a skill you can learn.

Today stories are as critical as data. Data on its own is no longer enough when you want to influence and inspire. ‘Show me the money’ reinvents itself as ‘Tell me the story’. Are you ready for the storytelling revolution? This book is your first step. 


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Great leaders are mega influencers, but could their tools of influence be out of date? To influence today, you need more than just the traditional approaches of yell and tell (coercion) and sell (persuasion). With this book, learn new and commercially savvy alternatives that will help you deliver outstanding results in the modern workplace. Influencing others isn’t magic – it’s a skill that you can make work for you.

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