Terms & Conditions

Purchase Price of Story Mastery
The book has been priced at RRP AUS $25.00 (plus GST but not including shipping costshowever it varies depending on the online retailer platform, over which our company has no control.

Order Confirmation and Payment
a. Orders must be placed via the order form provided above.  Complete the order form in full and you will receive an invoice to the email address nominated, due for payment within 7 days.
b. Orders may be paid by direct payment via EFT, PayPal or credit card.For EFT payments outside Australia, you will receive a SWIFT code.On receipt of payment, your books will be shipped to the address nominated.
c. Orders do not include shipping and handling fees in the purchase price.They are charged in addition. International EFT payments outside Australia may incur bank fees, which are outside our control.In Australia, the price excludes GST.
d. Once payment is received no refunds are possible.

Receipt of Order
On receipt of payment, we will order the books and have them to you at the time you request. We will advise you when the books have been ordered and track your order to ensure it is received.You may receive a follow up phone call or email to check you are 100% satisfied with your books, to request feedback, or to finalise arrangements for the offers above.