Pens down, recharge with shinrin-yoku

Pens down – aargh, hope that doesn’t bring back bad memories. The examiner calling out at the end of every written exam.

As we wind down for the Easter long weekend what is your non-exam equivalent of pens down? Peak performance at work can only happen on a foundation of rest and reset.

For me it’s a digital detox and a few days of shinrin-yoku.

This year I have been practising digital minimalism. It started with a February Facebook fast and now has spread more broadly across my day. So aiming at a digital detox or a close approximation. I’m already weak at the knees at the thought.

Also, a few days of  shinrin-yoku (forest bathing). Fully clothed! Which is the being immersed in nature, gently walking in a forest in Victoria.

What will you be doing to rest and recharge? Please share. I really appreciate your comments.