My love bomb for you

Yes, it’s that time of year again: the tinsel is out, carols are playing, and countdown clocks with the number of days until Christmas are popping up everywhere. As if we could forget!

These reminders always make me both reflective and grateful for the year that was. I am grateful to do ‘work I love with people I like’ all over the world, as my mentor Matt Church puts it.

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Defying The F-Word

The hermit crab lives in a salvaged empty shell. As it continues to grow, this shell eventually starts to pinch. The crab must then move into a new shell or die: its price for not changing is the steepest imaginable. So the crab leaves its shell and for a time is naked and vulnerable, an easy target for predators… Until it finds a new, bigger shell. What bliss when it does! It will live in its new home, enjoying the change it has made.

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